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August 19th - August 23rd, 2020
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One races on Saturday, August 22nd / Pricegiving

On Saturday there was a nice front approaching. This made possible one race with winds from west. That there are shift to south with this wind from west was not unexpected.
The winner of this shifty race was Christian Spießberger, followed by Vhristian Binder and Michael Farthofer.
Missing some shifts, the leader after six races, the hungarian team with Sandor Varjas on the tiller, crossed the finish line at 11th and lost the lead. Third place overall did not make himvery happy...
Christian Binder / Christian Feichtinger / Klaus Kratochwill won the Europa Cup 2020, the Zipfer and the Titel of an Austrian Champion. Florian Felzmann / Stephan Beurle / Michael Felzmann got second in the Zipfer Trophy and won the silver medals of the Austrian Championship. Bronce went to Michael Farthofer / Rudolf Matheis / Lisa Farthofer who got fourth in the overall ranking.

posted: August 21st, 2020     © UYCAs, Irene Schanda und Gert Schmidleitner

Again three races on Friday, August 21st

After a bit of waiting the famous Rosenwind showed up and made possible another day of beautiful racing.
Sandor Varjas, the leader after three races, won the fourth heat.
The man of the day was Christian Spießberger, who won race five and was at the lead of race six till the last mark, where he lost his place to Christian Binder.
After six races Sandor Varjas is in the lead three points ahead of Christian Binder and Florian Felzmann who are equal in points, still fighting for the Austrian Nationals. The Warningsignal to race seven is planned on Saturday 11:00 am

posted: August 21st, 2020     © UYCAs, Irene Schanda und Gert Schmidleitner

Three races on Thursday, August 20th

After the traditional opening of the Zipfer Trophy by Ludwig Beurle in the area of the "Zipfer Bar" some glases of dinks (guess what it was) where needed by the competitors during waiting of Wind.
This wind came very slow and at about 01:30 pm the fleet was called to go out. After some more time of waiting on the water with sunshine the wind - it was the famous Rosenwind - increased up to about six knots and race One was started. With the two Hungarian boats on course side the starter showed flag "X" and made the hungarians to go back. First boat in the finish was the defender of the Zipfer Trophy Florian Felzmann with his crew.
Race two had about seven to eight knots at the start. The line honoreds wnt to Michael Farthofer and Crew.
Race three had up to ten knots of wind. After a general recall the field had a nice start with "U". First on the finish line was Andreas Blaschke.
Overall after three races the hungarian Sandor Varjas is ahead of Christian Binder and Florian Felmann. On the places four and five we find Michael Farthofer and Karl Haist.
With the "Krauthäuplmusi" we had an Austrian Day in the Restaurant of UYCAs.
The Warningsignal to race four is planned on Friday 11:00 am

posted: August 20th, 2020     © UYCAs, Irene Schanda und Sophie Hollerweger

Equipment control and practice race on Wedensday, August 19th

On the first day of Zipfer Trophy a small and effizient equipment controll with the head of the technical committee Günther Staudinger was done.
in the afternoon a practice race with almost no wind was done to give the competitors the possibility to rember sailing and race signals after a long Corona-19 period with almost no sailing.

posted: August 19, 2020     © UYCAs, Sophie Hollerweger

2019 was nice

To give all who have not been in UYCAs at a Soling Zipfer Trophy till now we show you the afetrward movie of last year.

We all hope that virus Corona allows us to sail in 2020 and to have a nice Zipfer Trophy including the European Championship 2020 as well as the Austrian and the Hungarian Championship.

posted: August 31, 2019    
© Sport Consult, Lisa Millinger, Irene Schanda and Gert Schmidleitner
Important Dates
Friday, August 7th, 2020
Entry closing date
Reduced entry fee deadline

Wednesday, August 19th, 2020
Travel day
09.00 am - 06.00 pm: Registration
09.00 am - 06.00 pm: Equipment Inspection
03.00 pm: Warning signal practice race

Thursday, August 20th, 2020
07.00 am - 09.00 am: Registration
07.00 am - 09.00 am: Equipment Inspection
09:30 am: Competitors meeting
11.00 am: First Warning Signal Race 1

Friday, August 21st, 2020
09.30 am: Competitors meeting
11:00 am: first warning signal

Saturday, August 22nd, 2020
09.30 am: Competitors meeting
11:00 am: first warning signal

Sunday, August 23rd, 2020
The reserve day will not be used

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